Exploring the EBS Session 30 Mk3 Bass Combo

EBS is excited to introduce the EBS Session 30 Mk3 Bass Combo. This compact amplifier offers a range of features that cater to experienced musicians needing a portable practice amp and beginners embarking on their musical journey.

EBS Session 30 Mk3

Enhanced Clarity Thanks to the Added Tweeter

Setting itself apart from other compact bass combos, the EBS Session 30 Mk3 Bass Combo boasts a high-quality tweeter and 8″ speaker. This tweeter ensures that high-frequency notes are crisp and precise, resulting in a complete tonal spectrum that allows your bass to shine at the forefront.

While other models may struggle to maintain clarity when playing higher-frequency notes, the EBS Session 30 Mk3 accurately reproduces every note, even in the upper register. It is an unparalleled choice for bassists who prioritize tonal purity, even in a compact combo.

EBS Session 30 Mk3

It takes convenience to the next level with its integrated Bluetooth audio streaming feature. This capability simplifies practice sessions, enabling you to play along with your favorite songs, backing tracks, or online lessons effortlessly. You can stream sound directly from your smartphone to your bass amplifier without extra cables or costly adapters.

Why You Should Consider the EBS Session 30 Mk3

This EBS bass combo is more than just a handy amplifier; it’s a versatile tool designed to elevate your bass-playing experience. With the added tweeter ensuring exceptional tonal clarity and Bluetooth audio streaming for inspirational practice sessions, it is ideal for bassists searching for a compact and practical bass combo.

Estimated Price: 225 EUR / $289

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