Jackson Guitars JS

Jackson Guitars Unveil JS Series Basses

The all-new Jackson JS Series basses combine versatile styling and massive sound. The JS Series is aimed at beginner players

jackson guitars X series

Jackson Guitars Unveil New X Series Basses

The Jackson X Series instruments include purebred Jackson DNA, including excellent tone, ultra-fast playability, and incredible value for the 21st-century

Joe Dart II

Joe Dart II, A New Signature Bass By EBMM

“it’s not a bass… It’s a lifestyle” – Jack Stratton of Vulfpeck proclaims as he announces the new Joe Dart

Fodera Mini MB Presentation

Bass of the Day – Fodera Mini MB Presentation Bass

Fodera is known for always pushing the bountaries of bass making, and the new Mini MB Presentation is no different. Mike Bendy,

Harley Benton

Harley Benton Updates Their Sub-300$ Basses

Harley Benton, arguably the most prolific inexpensive guitar gear maker in the business, has announced its newest offering: all-new JJ

Electromatic Junior Jet Bass

Bass Review – G2220 Electromatic Junior Jet Bass II Short-Scale

A couple of years ago the short-scale bass was an instrument that was underrated and misunderstood. But in recent years,

Fender Custom Shop

Fender Custom Shop Unveils New Collections for 2022

Yesterday Fender Custom Shop announced the release of the Prestige Collection and the Annual Collection. Like any other Fender Custom Shop

Ibanez SR Premium

Bass of the Day: Ibanez SR Premium Basses

This year, Ibanez has a lot planned, including three new SR Premium models. These limited-edition instruments commemorate the 35th anniversary

Pro-Mod San Dimas

Charvel Releases Pro-Mod San Dimas PJ Bass

The new Charvel Pro-Mod San Dimas PJ bass pays homage to Charvel’s classic past while also looking to the future

Gretsch Short-Scale Bass

Gretsch Unveils Electromatic Junior Jet Short-Scale Bass

Gretsch recently unveiled their new products for 2022, and it includes a new and exciting short-scale bass. The G2220 Electromatic

G&L Tribute Series

Bass of the Day: G&L Tribute Series Fretless Kiloton

Like its Made-in-Fullerton brother, the G&L Tribute Series Fretless Kiloton has Leo Fender’s most comfortable designed body yet. It’s simple

Music Man Ball Family Bass

New 2021 Ernie Ball Music Man – Ball Family Reserve Bass

The Winter 2021 edition of the Ernie Ball Music Man Ball Family Reserve instruments, which includes this amazing-looking fretless bass,

LTD Surveyor 87'

Bass of the Day: LTD Surveyor 87′ Rainbow Crackle

While ESP began as a tiny repair company in Tokyo in 1975, it wasn’t until the mid-’80s that their basses

Suzi Quatro Bite Guitars

Suzi Quatro And Bite Guitars Release New Signature Bass

Suzi Quatro, rock legend, singer-songwriter, and bassist, has collaborated with Austrian company Bite Guitars on a new signature bass guitar.

Dingwal Super PJ

Bass of the Day: Dingwall Super PJ4

Sheldon Dingwall did it once again with the Dingwall Super PJ4. He has carried the design first seen in Leo

Charvel Bass

Bass of the Day – Charvel Pro-Mod San Dimas Bass JJ V

The brand-new Charvel Pro-Mod San Dimas Bass JJ V does it all. It mixes modern amenities with classic Charvel DNA

Ernie Ball Music Man

Ernie Ball Music Man DarkRay, A Collaboration With Darkglass

The new Ernie Ball Music Man DarkRay bass was created in partnership with Darkglass Electronics, a world-renowned bass accessory maker.

Kala U-Bass

Kala U-Bass: The Instrument That Took The Scene By Storm

In 2009, the Kala U-BASS took the music scene by storm, thus throwing the bass world for a loop. Musicians

Ryan Martinie Fodera Bass

Ryan Martinie Signature “Blondie” Fodera Bass

Fodera Guitars teamed up with Ryan Martinie, best known as the innovative bass player of Mudvayne, to develop a new

Godin Bass

Godin Unveils Redesigned A4 and A5 Bass

Godin has expanded its bass guitar selection with its newest offering, the redesigned A4 and A5 fretless bass. Following a

TikTok Musician Blu DeTiger

TikTok Musicians: Shaping the Music Scene with Fender

PRESS RELEASE – Fender today announced the launch of the all-new Player Plus Series. As a new generation of guitar

Ibanez Bass

Ibanez Releases JCSR2021 – Made in Japan

Last month Ibanez released this stunning new bass in their legendary SR basses lineup. The new Ibanez JCSR2021 features a

Fender Squier Bass

Fender Squier Announces New Models For 2021

PRESS RELEASE – Fender Musical Instruments Corporation continues its 75th anniversary year with new gear personalized for every player to

Tim Commerford

Music Man Releases Limited Edition Tim Commerford Bass

Longtime Music Man bass users and Rage Against The Machine bassist Tim Commerford teamed up with Ernie Ball Music Man

Epiphone Basses

Epiphone Guitars Release New Basses for 2021

Epiphone Guitars is known as being one of Gibson’s main subsidiary. This company produces Gibson quality guitars and basses at

Jackson Guitars Basses

Jackson Guitars Release New Unique Bass

Recently, Jackson Guitars unveiled a number of new instruments and one of those instruments was this uniquely designed bass, the

Custom Basses

5 Custom Shop Basses That Will Blow You Away

People tend to have a love-hate relationship with boutique “Custom Shop” bass guitars. There are players who swear by the

Cort basses

Cort Guitars Release New Basses at NAMM 2021

NAMM 2021 – Believe in Music Week Another great surprise at this year’s NAMM Show was all the new basses

Music Man Stingray 5

Music Man Releases New Colorways at NAMM 2021

NAMM 2021 – Believe in Music Week Another exciting part of this year’s NAMM Show was the all-new Ernie Ball

Ashdown Releases New Basses at NAMM 2021

NAMM 2021 – Believe in Music Week Mark Gooday, an already experienced amp builder founded Ashdown Engineering in 1997. Over the

Spector Basses

Spector Basses Unveils Thrilling New Basses

NAMM 2021 – Believe in Music Week PRESS RELEASE – Spector Musical Instruments is excited to announce the release of

ESP Guitars Black Metal Bass

ESP Guitars Unveils New LTD Basses for 2021

NAMM 2021 – Believe in Music Week PRESS RELEASE – ESP Guitars has announced new and updated additions to their

Kiss x Gibson

Kiss Bass Player Gene Simmons Introduces G2

NAMM 2021 – Believe in Music Week​ The online-only 2021 NAMM show starts today. In the next couple of days, we

Fender p Bass

Fender Announces 75th Anniversary Basses

PRESS RELEASE – Off the heels of record guitar-playing interest in 2020, Fender Musical Instruments Corporation is entering its 75th anniversary

Music Man

Ernie Ball Music Man Releases Ball Family Reserve Basses

In December 2020, Ernie Ball Music Man introduced two new basses in their collection. This new release is part of

Yamaha Peter Hook

Yamaha Unveils the Peter Hook Signature Bass

Yamaha unveiled the new Peter Hook signature bass which is going to be produced in really limited numbers. Only 14


Thundercat Ibanez Signature Bass – TCB1006

This week we are featuring the Ibanez Thundercat signature bass. Ibanez calls this bass the TCB1006. We had the chance

David Ellefson

Jackson Unveils David Ellefson 30th Anniversary Bass

Recently Jackson guitars announced the new X Series David Ellefson Signature 30th Anniversary Bass. Megadeth released their renowned album “Rust

Gary Willis

Gary Willis Ibanez Basses

Gary Willis has been active in the music scene for a long time, for more than 40 years he has

Joe Dart Bass

Joe Dart Bass by Ernie Ball Music Man

Last year around March, Ernie Ball released a limited run of the Joe Dart Bass. This instrument was designed together

AC/DC Bassist Cliff Williams

New AC/DC Tour? New Cliff Williams Signature Bass!

Cliff Williams, who has been a member of the famed Australian hard rock band AC/DC since 1977 will, at last,

Fender Professional II Bass

Fender Unveils American Professional II Series Basses

Fender just announced the new Professional II Series basses. The new flagship models will come in the classic Precision Bass

Best Bass Guitars

Best Bass Guitars on a Budget in 2020 – Ultimate Guide

If you are just starting out, or you already played for a couple of years and looking for the best

Bill Wyman

Bill Wyman Bass Breaks Record at Auction

It is official, Bill Wyman of the Rolling Stones had the most expensive bass ever. Over the weekend of September

Ritter R8

Ritter R8 Singlecut Concept Bass

This week’s featured bass is a Ritter R8 Singlecut Concept Bass. We only have one word to describe this bass,

Music Man Stingray Short Scale Sunburst

Ernie Ball Music Man – Stingray Short Scale

Ernie Ball Music Man has just released the new Stingray Short-Scale bass. The company describes their newest addition as “The

Ernie Ball Unveils John Myung Signature Bass

The days when Ernie Ball would not make signature basses are over. Ernie Ball Music Man has only released a

Fender 60th Anniversary Jazz Bass

Fender just released the 60th Anniversary Jazz Bass model in limited edition. This company undoubtedly changed music history when they released

Fender American Ultra Series Basses

Fender introduced the Fender Ultra Bass Series this year which will replace the American Elite Series, with some exciting new

The Grand Serek Bass

The Grand by Serek Basses

We have been fascinated by Serek Basses since we tried them out at the 2020 NAMM show, and they have