Ernie Ball Music Man – Stingray Short Scale

Ernie Ball Music Man has just released the new Stingray Short-Scale bass. The company describes their newest addition as “The Short Scale StingRay bass offers a big thumpy round sound in a convenient smaller package. A 30” scale allows for easier playability due to the shorter spacing between the frets.”

This bass, in contrast to the original Stingray bass, comes with passive pickups. In order to achieve the classic Music Man sound, it also comes with higher output neodymium magnets in the humbucking pickups. The electronics include a 3-way switch which enables us to use this bass in parallel, true single-coil, and in series modes.

The Stingray Short-Scale bass comes in two color combinations, Vintage Sunburst and Starry Night (pictured above).

Check out this great video to hear how does this bass sound:

The street price on these basses will be $2099.00 and it is available at all the major music retail stores.

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