Cliff Burton Museum Set To Open In Sweden

The Cliff Burton Museum, a partially government-funded project, dedicated to the late Metallica bassist, will open in the Swedish municipality of Ljungby next month.

Cliff Burton Museum

Burton died in a bus accident in Ljungby in 1986, while Metallica and Anthrax were touring Europe. A memorial stone was erected near the accident site by the band’s Swedish fanclub a decade ago. That spot, to this day, continues to draw metal enthusiasts to pay their respects to the late bass player.

Pictures, albums, posters, and tickets will be on display, as well as interviews and photos from the first photographer on the scene of the accident, Lennart Wennberg.

The museum will also have a stage that recreates Metallica’s last show with Burton in Stockholm, complete with replicas of the bass and drum gear he and Lars Ulrich utsed that night.

“We basically want to memorialize Cliff Burton, who unfortunately died early in his career, and talk about who he was as a person and a musician,” the organizers explained.

“Our second goal is to create a gathering place for all those looking for a memorial site in Dörarp’s little town. We wish to carry on the good deed that Cliff’s followers began when they began raising donations for his memorial stone.”

The Museum’s opening event is scheduled on Saturday, May 14th. All info can be found on their Instagram post below.