Eva Gardner Releases New Single “London Nights”

“London Nights” is the new single released on November 19th by Los Angeles-based bass player Eva Gardner. This new single is brimming with the amped-up 90s sound she’s become known for. 

Eva Gardner

Her father, English bassist Kim Gardner, was a member of several breakthrough bands, including the Creation and the Birds, which paved the way for a slew of succeeding rock performers. He also set an example for his first-born daughter, Eva, who began her career as the original bass player for the Mars Volta and went on to perform with P!NK, Moby, Cher, and Gwen Stefani to name a few.

London Nights” was composed as a tribute to all of the time she’s spent in London, which she considers her honorary hometown. “My father is from London, so it’s one of my favorite cities,” Eva explains. “Although I grew up in Los Angeles, I spent a lot of time in London and considered it my second home.” Being in the city lights, enamored with the British boys, and running around town was thrilling.” Eva grew up in the Los Angeles bar environment of her parents’ Cat & Fiddle, which was founded by her parents.

Eva Gardner began playing bass at the age of 14, starting bands with peers in high school, and eventually joining Mars Volta’s initial lineup.

She met Josh Berwanger on tour with the Mars Volta in 2001, and 20 years later, he assisted her in recording this song. Eva played bass on Josh’s latest solo album, and they reunited those players to produce Eva’s second solo album, EPDarkmatter, which will be released on December 17th. The EP’s first and only single is “London Nights.”