Harley Benton Updates Their Sub-300$ Basses

Harley Benton, arguably the most prolific inexpensive guitar gear maker in the business, has announced its newest offering: all-new JJ and JP bass guitars.

Harley Benton
Harley Benton

The JJ and JP, which are also available in four- and five-string configurations, combine classic bass guitar construction with a plethora of modern amenities, such as bolt-on roasted maple necks and satin-finished fingerboards, promising a “smooth and effortless” feel.

The JJ bass has two Alnico-5 JB pickups with active boost circuitry invented by Harley Benton, while the JP has Alnico-5 PJ pickups with a split pickup in the neck position.

Both versions have master volume and tone knobs, as well as a blend/balance knob that allows players to blend the sound of each pickup to their liking.

Harley Benton
Harley Benton

Ash body, 864mm scale length, 24 frets, and a two-way truss rod adjustment wheel are also included on both JJ and JP bass guitars.

“With their wide tonal palette, these basses can cover it all, whether it’s good old rock ‘n’ roll or pop, funk or reggae, blues or country, metal or prog,” Harley Benton adds.

The JJ and JP are available in four colorways: Natural, White, Blue, and Sunburst, in both four- and five-string configurations.

The four- and five-string JJ basses are priced at $216 and $237, respectively, and the four- and five-string JP basses are priced at $237 and $270. Visit their website for additional information.

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