Jeff Beck Cause We’ve Ended As Lovers Feat Tal Wilkenfeld

This week’s featured video is this classic performance from the 2007 Crossroads Guitar Festival, Jeff Beck Cause We’ve Ended As Lovers. This variation of Jeff’s band had an all-star lineup. It features Jason Rebello on keyboards, the legendary Vinnie Colaiuta on Drums, and a young Tal Wilkenfeld.

Fun fact, that Tal was only 21 years old in this clip and already playing with the best musicians in the world. 

Without a doubt, Cause We’ve Ended As Lovers is a classic Jeff Beck song. It was first released on his ‘Blow by Blow‘ album in 1975. This album was Jeff’s most successful album on the Billboard charts. It reached number four on the Billboard Album Charts and went on to sell over 1 million copies. 

Another fun fact, this album was produced by George Martin. Yes, that George Martin, who was considered by many, as the “Fifth Beatle.”

Jeff Beck

But not many people know that Cause We’ve Ended As Lovers is not an original Jeff Beck composition. It was composed by Stevie Wonder for his 1974 album ‘Stevie Wonder Presents: Syreeta’. 

Jeff Beck covered this song and dedicated it to fellow guitarist Roy Buchanan and thanked Stevie for allowing him to use his composition.

Now back to the 2007 Crossroads Guitar Festival video. This was the first time we saw Tal Wilkenfeld back in the day. Her impeccable groove, paired with a mind-blowing solo, blew us away and made us a fan of hers instantaneously.

This band went on to release another live DVD. Jeff Beck Live at Ronnie Scott was released in 2008, and it also features a rendition of Cause We’ve Ended As Lovers, with another great Tal Wilkenfeld solo. This DVD should be on every bass player’s “must-watch” list. In addition, a song from this DVD, “A Day in the Life” won a Grammy Award for Best Instrumental Rock Performance as well.

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