Fender Custom Shop Unveils New Collections for 2022

Yesterday Fender Custom Shop announced the release of the Prestige Collection and the Annual Collection. Like any other Fender Custom Shop instruments, these were handcrafted by a team of world-class Master Builders. Fender Custom Shop is the pinnacle of creativity and exceptional craftsmanship, with a reputation for making the world’s finest and most inventive custom guitars for artists, performers, and collectors.

Fender Custom Shop

Each year, the distinguished Master Builders of the Fender Custom Shop team are given the opportunity to construct a one-of-a-kind guitar with no restrictions. The exquisite 2022 Prestige Collection models were created as a result of this creative challenge. Each one showcases the builder’s inventiveness and unique inspiration, as well as their area of competence. This year, Master Builder Vincent Van Trigt worked on a 1952 Precision Bass which will be available in March at authorized Fender Custom Shop Showcase Dealers.

Prestige Collection

After working with Ian Ward, a prolific parrot breeder and aviary enthusiast, on the Flamingo Telecaster last year, Vincent Van Trigt was intrigued by Ward’s avian illustrations and sought out the opportunity to collaborate with him again.

According to Vincent, “Peacocks have long been associated with metamorphosis, healing, and renewal, which is exactly what music represents. It’s life-changing; it takes individuals on a journey and revitalizes their spirits.”

Ward’s artwork and inlays, as well as Josefina Campos Hand-Wound special design pickups with bespoke mounting rings, are featured on the 1952 Peacock Precision Bass. The pickup ring is wired in series with two ’51 pickups, and the reversed headstock is a homage to Dusty Hill. The 1952 Peacock Precision Bass is ideal for bassists seeking a vintage Fender instrument with new twists and stunning artwork.

This bass is available now for the price of $22,500.00 USD. 

Annual Collection

Models for the Fender Custom Shop Annual Collection are designed and built at the Fender Custom Shop to showcase the newest breakthroughs and developments, including unique models, pickup design, wiring, finish techniques, and more. Each model in this collection is only available in person purchase or through an authorized Fender Custom Shop dealer online. The Custom Shop Limited Edition models will join the Annual Collections in 2022, and they include:

Limited Edition P Bass Special Journeyman Relic
Fender Custom Shop

This model will be available in 3 different finishes: 3-Color Sunburst, Aged Sherwood Green Metallic, and Aged Dakota Red. It is available now online or at authorized dealers at the price of $5,250.00. 

Limited Edition Custom Jazz Bass Heavy Relic
Fender Custom Shop

This model is also available in 3 different finishes: Aged Natural, Aged Black and Faded Aged 3-Color Sunburst. It is available now online or at authorized dealers at the price of $5,450.00. 

To find out more about these basses go to Fender Custom Shop’s website HERE.