Happy Birthday to the Legendary Victor Wooten!

With this video, we wish a happy birthday to the legendary bass player, Victor Wooten. 

Victor Wooten is one of the most well know bass players in the world, known for playing with Bela Fleck and the Flecktones and for his solo work. He is also known for his virtuoso slapping and tapping technique. 

Wooten is a five-time Grammy Award-winning artist. He was voted Bassist of the Year by Bass Player Magazine three times in a row. Rolling Stones Magazine voted him as the Top Ten Bassist of ALL TIME. He was also one of the earlier Fodera guitar endorsed artists, playing his signature Yin-Yang Bass since the 1990s. 

Check out this great solo performance by Victor where he plays his composition “The Lesson”. In this video, he demonstrates why he is one of the top bass players of all time 

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