Jad Freer Audio Introduces CAPO Tim Lefebvre Edition

Tim Lefebvre, a distinguished bassist, holds the distinction of being the first musician to utilize the Jad Freer Audio CAPO preamp, possessing serial #001. In a collaborative effort, the company has partnered with him to develop an exclusive signature edition of the pedal.

Jad Freer Audio
Jad Freer Audio

Expressing his enthusiasm for the sounds and features, Lefebvre desired a specific routing option: the seamless switching between two distinct sounds from the D.I.s, a clean route (loop), and a preamp route. Consequently, the CAPO Tim Lefebvre Edition incorporates three parallel preamps with two XLR balanced outputs and various routing possibilities. The original Capo’s ‘B-side’ preamp is excluded in the T.L. edition to accommodate this. Now, the LOOP footswitch activates pedals patched in the LOOP PRE and present at the LOOP OUT D.I. Meanwhile, the original ‘A-side’ preamp (labeled PREAMP) and pedals patched in the POST LOOP are available at the PREAMP OUT D.I.

Two videos featuring Lefebvre himself are available for more insight and to experience the pedal’s capabilities. Check it out below: 

The Jad Freer Audio CAPO Tim Lefebvre Edition will be manufactured periodically in limited batches. The initial batch is open for orders starting December 21st, with a scheduled shipping date of January 8th, 2024.

Key features of the Jad Freer Audio CAPO Tim Lefebvre Edition Preamp include:

  • Three parallel preamps: PREAMP (comprising a clean preamp and two high-dynamics saturators, J and F)
  • Active 3-band E.Q. and DEEP and BITE buttons
  • LOOP, a line selector allowing the signal in the LOOP pre to alternate with the preamp signal (Tim mode) or be placed in series before (Original mode)
  • Two D.I. outputs: LOOP OUT and PREAMP OUT
  • Phase inversion on LOOP OUT to realign the phase of balanced signals
  • LPF to eliminate unpleasant frequencies at high gain levels
  • F.X. loop PRE and F.X. loop POST for using pedals before and/or after the CAPO.