Rocco Prestia of Tower of Power Dead at 69

Legendary Tower of Power bassist, Francis Rocco Prestia died on September 29th, 2020 just a week ago. Rocco was known for his powerful 16th note funk bass lines. Together with David Garibaldi they created one of the tightest rhythm sections in funk music. 

Tower of Power bandleader Emilio Castillo said that “Rocco Prestia is an original. He doesn’t have the technical knowledge of a lot of other great bass players, but that’s what makes his playing so special. Everything comes from the heart, the gut. A lot of bassists try to emulate his style using their heads, and that’s why none of them have come close to his feel.”

Here is a classic video from 1977 which showcases Rocco’s mastery on the 16th note funk bass – What is Hip

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