Spector Basses Unveils Thrilling New Basses

NAMM 2021 - Believe in Music Week

PRESS RELEASE – Spector Musical Instruments is excited to announce the release of its latest two series – the NS Dimension and NS Ethos. Expanding on Spector’s influential design legacy, these instruments feature compelling features like multi-scale design, exotic wood tops, and premium electronics.

Spector NS Dimension Series
Spector Bass
Picture - Spector

Spector’s NS Dimension Series combines iconic design with multi-scale construction, bringing a new level of playability and tonality to Spector’s dedicated legion of players. In addition to the multi-scale, neck-thru construction, the NS Dimension features a variety of premium tonewoods and cutting-edge Fishman Fluence electronics.

The NS Dimension is available in a Haunted Moss Matte or Super Faded Gloss finish beginning January 15, 2021. Prices start at $1,999.99 for 4-string models and $2,099.99 for 5-string models.

Spector NS Ethos Series
Spector Bass
Picture - Spector

The NS Ethos Series offers players a fresh take on this Spector’s now-classic design with updated finishes and premium electronics from Aguilar. The NS Ethos and its neck-thru construction provide players with striking mid-range presence and the unrivaled playability that Spector is known for.

The NS Ethos is available in an Interstellar Gloss or Super Faded Black Gloss Finish. Prices start at $1,799.99 for 4-string models and $1,899.99 for 5- string models and will be available internationally in early 2021.

“The NS Dimension Series and NS Ethos Series represent the future of Spector” says John Stippell, Global Brand Manager for SMI. “Taking cues from our flagship USA Series, these models feature premium materials combined with incredible new finishes, and premium electronics. These new instruments will allow bassists to reach greater heights with their playing.” added Stippell.

For more information visit www.spectorbass.com.

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