Longtime The Cure Bassist, Simon Gallup Rejoins Band

Simon Gallup, the Cure’s longstanding bass player, announced in August that he is “no longer a member of The Cure” in a public Facebook post.

Gallup’s departure received no official statement or remark from the band, either through PR staff or social media outlets.

Gallup went on to say that he was “just tired of treachery.” As NME points out, Gallup has subsequently erased the post and now claims to be a member of The Cure.

The Cure Simon Gallup

Despite only announcing his departure in August, The Cure’s long-serving bassist Simon Gallup appears to have rejoined the band.

Gallup appeared to confirm that he is still a member of The Cure in response to a fan’s question on his new project’s Facebook page.

“Is Simon still a member of The Cure?” Gallup was asked, and his response was unequivocal: “Yes, I am.”

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