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MXR Unveil Super Badass Dynamic O.D. Pedal

The MXR Super Badass Dynamic O.D. will maintain your current tonal dynamics while injecting any setup with as much extra bite as you need. 

MXR Super Badass

This pedal’s overdrive can be turned down for a smooth, clean boost or pushed up to full gear for a vintage high-gain grind. This is thanks to MOSFET clipping included in this pedal. A basic set of settings on the face of the pedal let you fine-tune the sound for your setup. These include the Output, Tone, and Gain knobs as well as a Boost/Cut button that lets you turn up the overall volume with a little more midrange or turn everything down.

Highlights of the MXR Super Badass Dynamic O.D. 

  • Maintain your tonal dynamics while adding more bite to any setup.
  • MOSFET clipping for a silky, resonant overdrive.
  • Change the settings from a smooth, clean boost to an old-school, high-grain grind. 
  • The Boost/Cut switch increases the midrange of the entire signal or reduces it by one notch. 
  • The ideal pedal for bringing your warmed-up tube amp to a pedalboard. 

The MXR Super Badass Dynamic O.D. retails for $129.99 street in the USA and is available exclusively at Guitar Center and at a few select foreign retailers. To find out more about this pedal, check out their website –