Pino Palladino and Blake Mills: Tiny Desk Performance

Grammy Award-winning bass player Pino Palladino has been a top call session bass player for over four decades. He first came to prominence as the fretless bass player for Paul Young. He created some of the most memorable bass lines of ’80s pop music. For example, his bass line with ‘Whever I Lay My Hat’ made him a staple name in the pop session business, and his sound became instantly recognizable. 

He was also a crucial part of the ’90s neo-soul movement. Pino contributed to legendary records such as D’Angelo’s Voodoo, and Erykah Badu’s Mamas Gun to name a few. Furthermore, after the death of John Entwistle, he assumes the bass chair in The Who and also is a steady member and contributor with the John Mayer band. 

With this kind of resume, and a 40 years career behind his back a Pino Palladino solo record was something that we knew it was coming but never knew when. 

Pino Palladino and Blake Mills

Earlier this year Pino Palladino teamed up with producer-songwriter-instrumentalist Blake Mills and created a unique new album called Notes With Attachments.

This new project is inspired by their shared love of West African rhythms, Cuban music, and of course the funky rhythms of a funky bass player.

Pino Palladino and Blake Mills recently participated in the Tiny Desk concert series with their new project. Check out the video below. 

Pino Palladino and Blake Mills are joined by Abe Round on percussion and Sam Gendel on saxophone.

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