The New MXR Poly Blue Octave Is A Must Have Pedal

With four unique octave divisions—one down, two down, one up, and two up—the MXR Poly Blue Octave gives tone chasers a wide range of pitch-shifting options. 

Poly Blue Octave

Highlight of this pedal includes the ability to adjust the volume of each track in the mix and choose whether to use the modern clarity of polyphonic mode or the raw vintage grit of monophonic mode. You may fill your pitch-shifted output with liquified thunder and lightning with a Blue Box Pedal-inspired fuzz mode and a dual Leslie/Phase 90-inspired modulation mode.

The EXP jack allows you to step in and take control with an expression pedal or an off-board switch such as the MXR Tap Tempo Switch to sweep between two distinct knob and switch settings. Or you can also toggle the fuzz and mono modes on and off.

MXR Poly Blue Octave characteristics:
  • Modern + traditional pitch shifting in a single pedal
  • Each of the four octave divisions has its own level control.
  • Dry signal has its own volume control.
  • Pitch shifting can be switched between polyphonic and monophonic modes.
  • Incorporate a thick, chaotic fuzz effect inspired by the MXR Blue Box Pedal.
  • Leslie/Phase 90 effects are provided by dual-mode modulation, which is depending on pitch shifting mode.
  • An expression pedal or a tap switch can be used to control numerous settings.

The MXR Poly Blue Octave is available for pre-order today at $199.99 street price from retailers worldwide, with shipping set to begin February 1.

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