Unveiling the MXR Bass Blackout Series: Amplify Your Sound with Style and Precision!

Dunlop is celebrating the 15th anniversary of MXR Bass Innovations in 2023 by introducing the Blackout Series, a unique limited edition collection. The MXR Bass Innovations team was established to create bass pedals specifically designed for bass players rather than simply modifying guitar pedals.

MXR Bass Blackout
MXR Bass Blackout

The Blackout Series showcases two of MXR Bass Innovations’ most popular stompboxes: the MXR Bass Compressor and the MXR Bass Envelope Filter. These pedals come in a sleek black finish, featuring a matte black housing with glossy black text and a vibrant yellow LED. They retain their exceptional sound quality and durability while sporting an elegant new appearance that perfectly complements any pedalboard.

Key features of the MXR Bass Blackout Series include:

  • Limited edition stealth finish
  • Matte black housing with gloss black text and a bright yellow LED
  • Maintains outstanding tone and durability while presenting a sophisticated new look

The Bass Compressor is currently available for $199.99, and the Bass Envelope Filter can be purchased for $169.99 from your preferred retailers.

For further details, you can access the complete story at the following links:

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