Victor Wooten: First Electric Bass Soloist With The BSO

Victor Wooten made history! For the first time ever, the Boston Symphony Orchestra featured an electric bass soloist when Victor Wooten, a Grammy Award Winning bassist, performed an original concerto.

“He’s been the best bass player since I first met him when he was 11 years old,” Thomas Wilkins the artistic adviser for education and community engagement at the Boston Symphony Orchestra added. The Boston Symphony Orchestra players are looking forward to learning Wooten’s concerto. “They’ve been playing all the traditional concertos for a long time, and the moment you put something new in front of them, they light up,” Wilkis added.

Victor Wooten said that It’s an honor for him to be a part of this “famous” orchestra, where jazz and classical music can coexist.

Thomas Wilkins also added, “We don’t force the electric bass to play like a tuba. We notice the differences and understand that the orchestra is superior because each instrument is unique. Isn’t that how life ought to be?”

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