Hollywood Actors Who Also Shred on Bass Guitar

A lot of people get amazed when they see their favorite Hollywood actors play an instrument. It is not unusual to see a Hollywood actor strum along on acoustic guitar or play basic keyboards. But when a famous actor takes up the bass, and when they can shred, that’s a different story.

Actors are used to being at the forefront of attention. Especially if they are the leading actors in a movie or any other productions.

Hollywood Actor on Bass
Picture - Jason Momoa/Instagram

Being a bass player requires a different mindset. The bass is usually a backing instrument and the players do not get the same attention, for example, the lead singer or guitarist.

But without a bass player, the whole band would fall apart and wouldn’t sound full. That is why we respect these actors-turned-bass players so much.

So to honor these actors, we made this list of Hollywood superstars who also shred on the bass guitar, let’s dive into it.

1. Jason Momoa

If you are active on social media you already saw that Jason Momoa shreds on the bass. The Aquaman superstar also has an impressive collection of basses. He has been seen playing custom shop Fender, and Gibson basses.

Check out this video of him playing Red Hot Chili Peppers version of Higher Ground at a club in Nashville! 

2. Hulk Hogan
Hollywood Actor Hulk Hogan on Bass

Not a lot of people know that Hulk Hogan’s first job in the entertainment industry wasn’t pro wrestling. He was a session musician way before he became the wrestling superstar he is today.

Fun fact: Back in the day, Hulk Hogan was also good friends with Metallica drummer Lars Ulrich. He even invited him to join Metallica in the early days, but as Hulk Hogan said himself “it didn’t work out”.

3. Gary Sinise

An acclaimed actor, Gary Sinise can hold down a groove on bass. For many years now, the Forest Gump actor also fronts his own band the “Lt. Dan Band”. A great nod to the most notable character he portrayed in movies. Gary is a serious bass player,  he even has an endorsement deal with Cort Guitars.

Check out this video of Gary laying down a solid groove on a Tower of Power’s “Soul With a Capital S.”

4. Keanu Reeves

Did you know that the Matrix superstar actor, Keanu Reeves also shreds bass? He was apart of the post-grunge band called “Dogstar”. They even had the opportunity to open up for artists such as David Bowie and Bon Jovi on tour.

They were pretty serious, they toured for more than a decade and released two studio albums. Here is a great clip of them performing at the Jay Leno show.

5. Ryan Gosling

A lot of us know that Ryan Gosling is a multi-talented, award-winning actor. But not a lot of people know about him that he was also the bass player for a band called “Dead Man’s Bones”. This band was a duo formed by Ryan and his friend Zach Shields. Check out the video above to stream their self-titled album. 

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