Josh Paul Announces His Departure From Daughtry

After fifteen years with Daughtry, Josh Paul has announced his departure. The bassist, who was one of the band’s founding members, announced the news on social media with a touching statement.

Josh Paul

“I am announcing my departure from the band today. Daughtry has been a second family and musical adventure for the last fifteen years. Sharing the stage with the boys has been both an honor and a pleasure. I am indebted to you for sharing this experience with me and for allowing me to enjoy your friendship. Fellas, it’s been a wild ride!”

Josh Paul went on to state that after reflecting on his life, family, and work, he has decided that “now is the time for change.” “I am appreciative for the opportunities and experiences that have come my way, and I take nothing for granted,” he continued.

“Now, more than ever, I realize how really blessed I am. The past year has also been a time for me to reflect on my ambitions and dreams, as well as the necessity of taking the steps necessary to guarantee that I continue to grow not only as a musician, but also as a human being, a parent, and a husband, and to continue moving forward.”

The announcement comes less than a month before Chris Daughtry’s Dearly Beloved tour is set to resume. A new bass player is yet to be named by the band.