TC Electronic Unveils Infinite Sample Sustainer Pedal

TC Electronic Infinite Sample Sustainer, the name is self-explanatory. With this new pedal, you’ll be able to record and sustain a moment in audio using INFINITE technology on your board.

TC Electronic
TC Electronic

If DITTO LOOPER is like a video looping camera on your phone, INFINITE is like a Polaroid for sound, allowing you to create stunning soundscapes and engaging emotions whenever and anywhere you choose between now and forever. It is like having instant sound snapshots!

INFINITE is perfect for those who enjoy stacking layers of notes and harmonies. Stack single notes to make vast chords and harmonies, or chords to make ambient mayhems that range from monumentally hypnotic to marvelously strange to shrieking and squealing!

Infinity… Consider what kinds of sounds you could make if you had that much time on your hands. Unfortunately, this pedal can’t give you limitless time, but it can provide you with an unending supply of sustaining layers right at your toes! So, with Infinity mode turned on, you can create and maintain an infinite number of levels – from here to infinity!

Unique features of this pedal include:
  • Layering allows you to build fantastic harmonies by stacking numerous levels of sustained notes and chords.
  • Infinite mode allows you to create and maintain an infinite number of layers that progressively blend together.
  • Sustain can be combined with the integrated reverb and modulation.
  • Latching or momentary footswitch control is also available.
  • External effects can be added to the sustain signal via the built-in FX loop, allowing for more flexibility.
  • Adjust the sustain level, fade-in, and release/decay with simple controls.
  • Connect to the TonePrint app for a wider range of parameters and the ability to build your own bespoke TonePrints.

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