Music Man Releases New Colorways at NAMM 2021

NAMM 2021 - Believe in Music Week

Another exciting part of this year’s NAMM Show was the all-new Ernie Ball Music Man colorways. Ernie Ball came out with 8 brand-new colorways for their StingRay 4 string and Stingray 5 string Special basses. 

The first 4 string StingRay bass was introduced in 1976 and was immediately considered a game-changer in the bass guitar community. The Music Man StingRay bass was the first bass that featured onboard active electronics which basically was a built-in preamp on board the bass. That was an all-new concept back in 1976, which became a revolutionary idea soon after. 

The StingRay basses are now known as StingRay Special Basses and they feature lightweight aluminum hardware, comfortable contours, and a sculpted neck joints for easy access all through the neck.

For 2021, StingRay Special 4 string is introducing 8 new finishes. The new colorways including Amethyst SparkleBlackSnowy NightRaspberry BurstSmoked ChromeSpeed BlueBurnt Ends, and Forest Green.

StingRay Special 4 String
Music Man Stingray Special 4 String
Music Man Stingray 4 String
Picture - Ernie Ball Music Man

The 5 string StingRay was first introduced in 1987, and soon became a popular choice for studio and live performances. It has the same classic features the 4 string version has.

New 2021 finishes for the StingRay Special 5 will include Frost GreenBlackSnowy NightRaspberry BurstSmoked ChromeSpeed BlueBurnt Ends, and Amethyst Sparkle.

StingRay Special 5 String
Music Man Stingray 5
Picture - Ernie Ball Music Man

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